Visualize What Your New Roof Will Look Like Before Getting Started


When it comes to a big investment in your house like installing a new roof, you likely have a lot of questions. How much does a new roof cost? How long and involved is the re-roofing process? What will that color or style of shingles look like on my house? Will it clash with the siding? What if I don’t like the way my new roof looks?

Valley Roofing contractors in Harrisonburg use a tool that can help you visualize what your new roof will look like. We are using Beacon 3D+ which is a modeling tool that transforms snapshots we take of your house and transforms it into a measured, customizable 3D model. Wonder what your house would look like with designer asphalt shingles? In a matter of seconds, we can show you various options that might work for you.  You can get a better sense of how each option looks with your existing siding or paint colors, and tell us what you like or don’t like.



With warranties that cover materials up to 50 years, you will have the roof that Valley Roofing installs for a long time. So we want to make sure you love the look of your new roof, which is why we use the 3D+ visualizer to help you decide what type of shingles you want. If you live in Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Staunton, or anywhere in between, we will come to your house to give you a free estimate that includes a digital 3D mockup of your options.

The app that Valley Roofing uses implements a patented technology that makes measuring your home and estimating a project quick and easy by transforming smartphone pictures into a fully measured and customizable 3D model. We take a few pictures of the exterior of a home, and the app automatically generates the measurements required for us to provide you with a precise estimate for roofing, siding, and windows, and to show you how it will look.

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