Don’t Underestimate The Challenges of Gutter Cleaning.

Gutter cleaning is a necessary task most homeowners need to plan for at least twice a year. It’s not a task we recommend most homeowners take on themselves. More people are sent to the ER each year after falling off ladders than almost any other accident. The chances of homeowners falling increases as they get older. If you do insist on cleaning your own gutters, here are some ladder safety pointers from our professional team:

  • Stay On The Ladder: Always clean gutters from the ladder. Never stand on the roof and reach down into the gutter or your chances of falling grow exponentially.
  • Check Your Ladder: Most homeowners don’t use their ladders frequently. Thoroughly inspect your ladder for any corrosion or loose connections that could cause the ladder to fail when you’re on it.
  • Wear Fitted Clothing: Avoid loose clothing when you’re climbing your ladder. Loose clothing can get caught on the ladder and cause it to pull away from the roof.
clogged gutters need gutter cleaning

If You’re Going To Do It Anyways…

We get it. Some people are going to clean their gutters themselves. Here are our recommendations for cleaning your gutters:

  • Wear Gloves: Gutters can be nasty breeding grounds for bacteria, animal waste, and other nasty, wet residue.
  • Flush Them Out: Once you’ve removed all the leaves and debris, take a hose and flush the gutters. Watch for any water that seeps down at points of connection. Ensure that water flows properly to the downspout and away from the home. If water does seep at the connections, you may need to perform some gutter maintenance.

This All Sounds Complicated. What Are My Other Options?

We always recommend homeowners hire a professional to clean and inspect their gutters twice a year. Another great option is to install gutter guards. Gutter guards minimize the build-up of leaves and debris in your gutters. We love Champion gutter guards for their dependable protection of your gutters and Raytec for their cost-effective options.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors Offers Gutter Cleaning & A Free Roof Inspection.

Since 2004, we’ve been providing gutter cleaning to residential and commercial clients in Virginia. Our experienced team knows how to stay safe on the ladder and ensure your gutters are operating properly. Want to schedule a free roof inspection at the same time? We’ve got you covered. Our full-scale report details any problems and provides solutions to keep your roof in tip-top shape. Contact us to get started.

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