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Copper Roofing Adds Value And Beauty To Your Charlottesville Home.

Both durable and stylish, copper roofing enhances the look of your Charlottesville designer asphalt shingle, standard shingle, slate or shake roof. You can choose from a variety of copper options to add timeless charm with the most durable material on the market. Adding character to any structure, copper’s appearance complements traditional to modern building aesthetics.

harrisonburg copper roofing companyCopper’s Low Maintenance, Time-Tested Charm, And Unique Coloring Has A Lasting Impact.

Why copper roofing additions? Long lasting, copper roofing done properly can last a few hundred years requiring very low maintenance. Copper changes color with age, beautifying into a patina stage in as little as six months and taking around 100 years to turn green. An ideal addition to your roofing system, copper is lightweight, reduces noise, is easy to form, and lasts for over 100 years maintenance free.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors’s Certified Solderers Customize Your Copper Additions For The Perfect Fit.

Copper’s malleability allows it to be easily formed over roof structures. Because copper is soldered rather than sealed with caulk or sealants, there is added strength to your entire roofing system with copper additions. Our in-house certified solderers create a customized fit for you. There is no limit to the customization to meet your level of demand.

Copper Roofing Additions Offer Endless Benefits To Harrisonburg Homes

Copper chimney flashing seals with style. Lining the base of your chimney as it meets your roof, copper flashing is expertly soldered to provide a long-lasting, resilient seal to keep moisture out.
Copper rain chains provide a unique twist to functional elegance. Rain chains gracefully guide even the heaviest flow of water from your gutter to the ground.
Copper valleys and drip edges enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. Copper valleys and drip edges add distinction to a wide range of architectural styles.
Copper gutters offer sustainability and durability for the discerning homeowner. The long lifespan of copper gutters means less maintenance and less waste from replacing worn galvanized gutters.
Copper bay windows give your home an artistic touch. Create depth and dimension with copper bay windows.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors Has The Experience To Get The Job Done Right, The First Time.

Since 2004, Valley Roofing & Exteriors has been estimating and installing copper roofs in Virginia. Our skilled professionals evaluate the rooflines of your home and custom Build or install your copper roof so you can depend on it’s durability as well as it’s charm. Choosing from professional installers doesn’t have to be a challenge. Contact us for a comprehensive estimate. Our professional approach gives you the confidence you need when making such a significant investment in your home.

Best Roof Warranty

Expert Installation and Solid Warranties.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors offers an unbeatable warranty on designer shingles – the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty offers lifetime material defect protection with 100% coverage for the first 50 years, and up to 25-year workmanship coverage backed by GAF, the nation’s largest roofing manufacturer.

Get a free estimate on high quality copper roofing additions in the Harrisonburg or Charlottesville area today!