With Vinyl Siding From Valley Roofing & Exteriors Your Waynesboro Home Will Look Brand New

When your house is your forever home, it can start to feel old. Vinyl siding is perfect for Waynesboro homeowners because it will make your house look decades younger without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s so durable that it will last for years with minimal maintenance. You can choose almost any color too, so your house will look completely different. We offer a range of choices:

Vinyl Siding Is Affordable

This is the standard in the industry because it is so affordable while still being so beautiful and standing up so well to the elements.

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LP SmartSide Is Durable

For an even more durable choice, LP SmartSide siding is great. In addition to being pretty, it resists moisture, rot or damage from pests.

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Cedar Siding Is Beautiful

For something that’s unique but won’t stand out negatively, cedar is a gorgeous option that’s naturally durable.

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House with siding.

The Valley Roofing & Exteriors Difference Sets Us Apart

The reason Waynesboro residents choose us for their vinyl siding is because of our people. Our team is experienced in the field, highly skilled at workmanship and most importantly, professional and polite. It’s not enough that they do good work, but our team will be respectful at all times. As the homeowner you never have to feel like you can’t ask questions, and you don’t have to worry about them messing up your home or property. At the end of every shift we carefully clean your property to leave it in the same condition as we found it. You’ll be left with beautiful new siding and a good experience.

Choosing The Right Local Siding Company Protects Your Home

Your home is a huge investment and proper siding installation is one of the best ways you can protect it from harm. If anything goes wrong at any level, from the house wrap to the flashing or the siding itself, your house could suffer from water seeping in or plants growing through or even pests. This could weaken the structural integrity or let mold grow that could harm your family. That’s why a careful and thorough inspection is always part of our process so we can fix any potential problems and leave you with a lasting product.

Your Reliable Partner For Cedar, SmartSide & Vinyl Siding In Waynesboro

Since starting in 2004 we have provided new siding for families throughout the Shenandoah Valley. From Harrisonburg to Charlottesville and Staunton we have installed beautiful siding solutions that last. We would love to help your family too. If you’re looking for professional installation of cedar, SmartSide or vinyl siding in Waynesboro, contact us.

Need Cedar, SmartSide or Vinyl Siding in Waynesboro?