The Information You Need To Choose Your Roof Shingles.

The average shingle roof lasts 25-50 years if installed correctly. That means your roof shingles are a big choice when it comes to investing in your home. Determining the material, style, color, and warranty that works with your home and budget is the first step in choosing your new roof. Here’s how we break it down:

  • Material: Roof shingles come in a variety of materials. Here’s a breakdown:
    • Asphalt: This is a cost competitive, durable option that works well on any house. They’re available in multiple colors and textures to complement your home.
    • Cedar Shake: Cedar shake shingles offer earthy appeal to rustic homes.
    • Metal Shingles: Metal shingles mimic the look of cedar shake, clay, and slate shingles, but are more durable. Multiple colors give you options.
  • Color: Pick a color that complements and contrasts your home’s facade. Lighter colors look great on darker homes while darker colors look fantastic on homes with lighter siding.
  • Warranty: Since roofing shingles are such a long term investment, it’s essential that you understand your warranty options. Most shingles come with a standard 10-year non-prorated warranty on the materials and have a term of 25-50 years. None of these warranties include workmanship. You contractor only if certified can offer the workmanship warranty through the Manufacturer.
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Installation Is The Most Important Component.

Choosing a durable roofing shingle is only part of the process. The most important aspect of your roofing project is to select a qualified and experienced installer. When roofing fails, it’s almost always the result of poor installation. Professional roofers ensure installation is correct and up-to-code on all the flashing, sealing, and caulking. Regular preventative maintenance keeps your shingles in tip-top shape to preserve your investment.

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