Expert Advice On Shingle Selection From Your Charlottesville Roofing Company.

We’re a Charlottesville roofing company with decades of experience helping customers find the most durable asphalt shingles to fit their budget. We’ve broken the process down into two easy elements for you to consider: budget and durability.

Putting a new roof on your house is a significant investment. Likely, the first thing that comes to mind when choosing the best asphalt shingle for your home is budget. Here are the two primary factors that will affect the price of your roof:

  • Size: A Charlottesville roofing company will price your roof based on its square footage. We can calculate the square footage of your roof by photographing the home and using special software that calculates the exact square footage.
  • Material: The type of shingle you choose will affect the price. A standard asphalt shingle is less expensive than a designer architectural shingle.

Thinking through these aspects will help you find the best asphalt shingle for your home, and the perfect fit.

When a roofer creates an estimate, these calculations are based on a square foot, which applies to a 10×10 square foot area, thus, shingles typically are ordered by the ‘square’.


Once you have an idea of what your budget looks like, another important consideration is durability. Do you live on a hill and worry about wind damage? There are several different weather conditions that can have significant impacts on your roof over time:

  • Wind
    If wind is a problem in your area, a roofing company will employ special installation procedures and fastening to ensure your shingles hold up to strong thunderstorms or windy days. We recommend specific types of shingles if this is a concern.
  • Hail
    Another weather nuisance is hail. If your area is one that sustains hail damage, it’s important to check out specific shingles (impact resistant) that are made to endure hail.
  • Sun Exposure
    Sun exposure should also be a consideration. If you live in an area with little or no shade, your house can take in extra heat; this can affect your attic ventilation. Your best option might be an asphalt shingle that is reflective and cooling or light in color. A great idea for dealing with this issue may be to use an Energy-Star certified type asphalt shingle, of which there are multiple options.
  • Rain
    Rain and moisture can also be a consideration when choosing your roofing material. If you live in an area prone to abundant moisture, you may want to look into options for mold/algae resistant or stain resistant asphalt shingles to keep your roof looking sharp!
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