What’s The Difference Between A Sun Tunnel & A Skylight. How Are They Installed?

A sun tunnel is a type of skylight. They’re typically much smaller than traditional skylights and ideal for smaller rooms in your house. Skylights and sun tunnels are options for both new construction and remodeling projects. Here’s the quick guide to installing your sun tunnel:

  • Step 1: Mark the hole in the ceiling where you want your sun tunnel placed. Push a
    piece of wire that is long enough to reach the attic through the center of the hole. Go up to the attic and hammer a nail directly above your piece of wire to mark the spot on the inside of the roof. Then, measure the distance from the bottom of the wire to the top of the nail to determine the length of your rigid tunnel.
  • Step 2: Cut the hole in the ceiling by tracing the ring of the sun tunnel and using the nail mark as your center. Insert the ceiling ring.
  • Step 3: Install the flashing on your roof. Locate the nail you marked earlier. Remove all the roofing material from the top half of the location where the flashing is to be mounted. Mark semi-circles at the top and bottom of the inside of the flashing. Be careful not to cut into the rafters.
  • Step 4: Cut out the rough opening using a reciprocating saw.
  • Step 5: Apply sealant around the rough opening to protect your flashing from the elements.
  • Step 6: Position the flashing and secure it with screws. Coat the screws with additional sealant. Overlap the top edge of the flashing with underlayment.
  • Step 7: Install the rigid tunnel. Position the dome on the flashing and secure with the screws.
  • Step 8: Secure the tunnel to the ceiling ring assembly. Install the diffuser with the
    prismatic side down. Install the trim ring.
Bedroom with Skylights

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Our professional team has significant experience installing sun tunnels and roofing in Virginia. We determine the best location for your sun tunnel and ensure it can be appropriately mounted before we begin construction. We seal sun tunnels so that they are energy efficient and a smart investment. Contact a member of our team to get started.

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