Reflective Shingles From Your Charlottesville Roofing Company Offer Multiple Benefits.

Here are some helpful tips from your local Charlottesville Roofing Co. Quality of workmanship and cost are important factors when considering replacing your roof, but there are others to consider as well. If you are looking to reduce the energy used in your home, and keep it cooler in summer months, we’ve got some ideas to help you achieve these goals, and save money while you’re at it.

  • Cost Savings
    Using reflective or cooling type shingles can save you money during the summer or hot months of the year. These special shingles contain materials that minimize heat-transfer into your home, and can even help alleviate wear-and-tear on your home’s air conditioning unit.
  • Energy-Star Certified
    When you choose highly reflective shingles for your new roof, you can rest easy knowing that it will hold up through various weather conditions. You’ll also reduce your environmental impact because your HVAC unit will use less energy throughout the year.
  • Rebates
    Another benefit of using highly reflective shingles on your Charlottesville roof are rebates or tax benefits you may be eligible for after the installation of your new roof. Rebates generally come from utility companies whereas tax benefits may come in the form of credits or deductions on your annual taxes.

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