Prepare For The Cold With Your Winter Checklist.

A major source of discomfort in the winter is air leakage, whether cold is coming in or your heat is leaking out. Take a look at our Winter Checklist as you start making your rounds to secure your home for the winter. Maximize the efficiency of your home during the cold weather to come.

  • Take a visual tour of your roof for potential problem areas. 

    From the ground, step back and check the condition of your roof. Any missing shingles? Does the flashing around the chimney and eaves look normal? Are there any indications of storms damage from heavy rains and winds? Taking care of roof leaks keeps a small problem from becoming a sizable issue.

  • Notice any drafts from your attic.

    Paying attention to unintentional air flow in your home, particularly from the attic and windows, helps you to identify places where your heat could escape. Roof repairs and insulating windows can significantly improve your heat  efficiency, saving you money.

  • Clean out your gutters.

    Avoid the headache of damage caused by ice dams, blocks of ice that build up in your gutters and cause water to flow where it can cause damage. Cleaning out your gutters reduces the risk of damage during the color months.

  • Cut down tree limbs that are too close to your house.

    Limbs resting close to or touching your home are potential hazards in stormy and cold weather. Storms may cause the branches to grate against your home or roof causing damage from a scratch to a hole. In winter weather, limbs leave debris and channel water to unwanted places.

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