Roofing Terminology 101: Commercial Roof vs. Residential Roof.

So many businesses distinguish their services between residential and commercial. A commercial roof could be the exact same roof as a residential roof; it just depends on the architecture of the building and its slope. Here’s how we distinguish between the two primary types of roofing in our industry:

  • Low Slope: A low slope roof defines any roof with a pitch less than 14 degrees. This could even be a flat roof- similar to the roofing you see on many big-box stores, like Walmart, Lowes, and Target. Flat roofing is chosen for its ease of installation over larger areas.
  • Steep Slope: A steep slope roof is any roof above 14 degrees in pitch. Most residential homes are a steep slope, though many businesses in buildings less commercial in design may have steep slope roofs. Some contemporary homes may also have flat roofs that add to their modern design.
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Do All Installers Provide Low Slope & Steep Slope Installation?

Not all installers work on low and steep slope roofing. The equipment necessary varies between the two types of design and the installation is completely different. Higher ladders are necessary for steep slope installation while specific safety equipment like hardhats are necessary for low slope or flat roof installation. Flat roofing can often be restored with a liquid applied topcoat to protect it so it lasts longer.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors Installs Both Low And Steep Slope Roofing.

The team at Valley Roofing & Exteriors is experienced at installing all different types of roofing in Virginia. Our qualified team estimates and installs the type of roofing you need to protect your building from the elements. With dependable warranties and preventative maintenance plans, you’ll feel confident in your investment and your choice of professionals when you choose Valley Roofing & Exteriors for your next project.

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