Bedroom with Skylights

Skylight Installation Done Right

What does skylight installation involve?

Your roof system is more than shingles and tarpaper. It’s a complex set of coordinating parts that work together to provide functionality. If one part is compromised, the system is compromised. Proper skylight installation requires a working knowledge of your roofing system in order to protect the integrity of the system and maximize the function of your skylight. You want more natural light and you don’t want leaks!

Comprehensive skylight installation options are available in your on-site estimate.

Our skylight installation estimation process starts with an on-site visit from an expert estimator. You have options when you want more natural light – from sun tunnels to skylights that open to let in fresh air , and a host of options in between. We provide professional advice and installation to find the perfect skylight fit for your space.

Certified Velux Skylight Installers Do the Job Right.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors installers undergo training and certification from Velux, the leading skylight manufacturer. As certified Velux installers, any Velux skylight product that we install has an active warranty. You can expect proper installation because we’ve been trained to work with all Velux skylight products and we’re roofing experts. Providing you a stylish and functional skylight solution while protecting the integrity of your roof is our priority.

Velux Offers a 10-year Non-Leak Warranty.

Older skylights are typically replaced when they become the site of water damage or leakage. New product materials and design along with improved installation technology and practices make getting a skylight more secure than ever before. To demonstrate the expectations that Velux has for product performance, they provide a 10-year Non Leak guarantee on any Velux product installed by certified installers such as Valley Roofing & Exteriors. Get the light you want with the expertise that a roofing company brings.