Rules for Harrisonburg Roof Repair

3 Rules for Harrisonburg Roof Repair

Sometimes when you notice a roofing problem, you are in need of a major fix. With early detection, you can save yourself the major headache of a costly, urgent repair. From roof leaks to storm damage, follow these 3 rules to safeguard your roof with an early Harrisonburg roof repair.

#1: Check your chimney.

Harrisonburg roof repairs

Flashing on a chimney and metal roof.

From both inside the house and outside, take a long look for signs of water or damage to your chimney flashing. Flashing is the protective layer that keeps moisture out of the seams along your roof. Flashing should be visibly secure to the roof, chimneys, and any architectural or functional features that sit on your roof. Loose or peeling flashing may indicate water has begun to penetrate the seam, and your roof may be in jeopardy. Secure flashing is a sign of a healthy roof! Take a look at a before and after flashing job we did here locally.

#2: If you live in a townhouse or duplex, notice the condition of your neighbors’ sections of the shared roof.

Multiple roof types in one system.

While the roof over your home may not show signs of damage, a shared roof may hide concerns. Walk along the perimeter of the multiple homes for visible signs of damage. Look for loose or peeling singles or even missing shingles from the entirety of the roof. If the roof system has multiple types of roofing, look to the right and left of your roof for signs of secure connections. Runoff from neighboring roofs should be routed to a functional gutter system and have a clear path away from your roof.

#3: Weigh the cost of waiting or taking early action.

Home Advisor reports the national average cost for roof repairs fall between $300 and $1,000, which is significantly less than the cost of a new roof.  Should you need a new roof, we offer four convenient payment options to give you maximum flexibility.

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