Roof Systems for multiple types of roof on one home.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors’ excellence in roof systems is the perfect fit for multiple types of roof on one home.

Many homes use multiple types of roofing to add dimension and character. When it is time

Preston Lake: Multiple roof types in one system.

Multiple roof types in one system.

to fix or replace the roof, you can find yourself asking about shingles, aluminum, rubber roof (EPDM), and more. Valley Roofing & Exteriors offers roofing systems that will fix problems associated with each type of roof in one package and under one warranty.

Hidden problems are addressed.

When working on one type of roofing, problems can be addressed with a consistent approach. Multiple roofing types require varied approaches to address each concern and issue appropriately. Once we begin to inspect the roof, we can uncover any hidden problems that might compromise the strength and function of the entire roof system.

A lifetime warranty means peace of mind for you.

Better than taking off one type of roof and putting on a new one, addressing all the types of roof together gives you a complete roof system with a complete lifetime warranty. Addressing issues over the years roof type by roof type eliminates warranties for the entire roofing system. Replacing the roof as a complete system ensures that all problems are taken care of and you don’t need to worry about it again. Valley Roofing & Exteriors takes pride in using the proper roofing products for the proper areas so that you get the best result. Call Valley Roofing & Exteriors today for a roof system estimate!