Sun Tunnel Skylights shine bright.

Maximize natural light with a Sun Tunnel Skylight.

When you are thinking of ways to bring natural light into your home, consider that you don’t need an exterior roof directly visible to enjoy skylight technology. Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights bring light easily and affordably through any attic obstructions or long shaft runs to illuminate your dark spaces.

Technological solutions mean more natural light in your home.

A dome on the roof lets light into a highly reflective tunnel. A diffuser at the ceiling distributes the light evenly into the space.  Your previously dark space is now linked to the outdoors by natural sunlight radiating throughout the space.

Great light earns rave reviews!

We enjoy installing Sun Tunnels because our customers just love the results. Clean, natural light evenly illuminating a previously dark space can turn a once-dreary part of the house into a high-traffic area, effectively giving you more enjoyment in your home without a major renovation. It’s like seeing your home in a whole new light.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors is a Certified Velux Installer.

You can rely on Valley Roofing & Exteriors’s expertise when it comes to installation. We have completed training and met assessment standards to maintain our certification status. Give us a call today for a Sun Tunnel Skylight estimate!

“Fresh Air” Skylights vitalize your interior spaces.

Ready to brighten up a dark room or passage in your home?

Consider a Velux Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight. Not only do these skylights open and close to let in outside air, but they use sunlight to recharge a highly efficient battery powered operator and control system. Complete with screens and optional remote programmable blinds, the “Fresh Air” Skylights are ideal for any space in your home that would benefit from fresh air and sunlight.

No operation cost is bright news for your bottom line.

Because the battery powered operator is charged by a discreet solar panel, the unit requires no wired electricity to open and close or to raise and lower the programmable blinds. Installation is easy and clean since no wiring is necessary for a fully operable unit.

Rain sensors automatically close an open skylight to keep your home dry.

An open skylight is wonderful for letting in fresh air, and the screens keep out unwanted pests, but what about the rain? Velux “Fresh Air” Skylights have an integrated rain sensor to automatically close the skylight in case of inclement weather.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors’s Certified Velux Installer status means a 10-year No Leak Guarantee for you.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors has successfully completed the training and assessments to be the Valley’s Certified Velux Installer. When we install your Velux skylights, you are issued a No Leak Guarantee for 10 years. Call us for a skylight estimate today!

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Energy efficient skylights -let the sunshine in!

Every home has a windowless laundry room, hallway or bathroom, and overhead lighting is the standard lighting solution for these areas. If you’re tired of dim lighting, consider installing an energy-efficient skylight and enjoy bright, natural, free sunlight. You’ll be amazed at the cheerful boost natural light will bring to these areas of your home. But be picky about the quality of the skylight and insist on proper installation so you get maximum enjoyment from your skylight without the hassle of roof leaks or inadequate light reflection.

Premier skylight manufacturers use test chambers to test each skylight product for air and water tightness. They also make sure their products stand up to various weather conditions over time, including heavy snow load, heat and cold, and they perform sound insulation tests and visual inspection of skylight surfaces. So choose a manufacturer that makes skylights built for durability and great functionality.

If you’re putting a skylight in a bathroom or other moisture-intense area, be sure to install adequate ventilation so your skylight won’t have condensation problems. A vent fan for a small bathroom should provide one cubic foot per minute of air circulation per square foot of floor area, or about eight air changes per hour.

You can also enjoy the room-brightening benefits of a skylight along with fresh air. Ventilating skylights offer both light and air, and may be a good option if you need more air flow in the area you’re brightening up. Like windows, good quality skylights offer low-e and tinted coatings to control heat transmission and UV radiation.

The size of the skylight and the type of roof you have are both considerations in skylight installation. Make sure you choose a contractor who understands roofing loads, so your roof won’t be compromised by the skylight installation. A good contractor will know how to properly install a skylight for a snug, safe fit.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors is a certified installer for Velux Sun Tunnel skylights, and we’d be glad to discuss the possibility of installing skylights in your home. Contact us today!