Quality Roof Repair Requires Experienced Craftsmen.

At the core of any successful roof repair is an experienced, competent installer knowledgeable of the different types of roofing. Not all materials repair similarly so it’s important to ensure your roofer has experience working with the shingles, metal, or flat roof of your building. Ask him questions, solicit referrals, and testimonials prior to getting started. An honest installer will tell you if he isn’t the expert on repairing commercial roofing or metal roofing rather than attempt to repair it and fail.

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What We See In A Bad Roof Repair.

Repairing a roof is tricky because you’re trying to ensure the new products work with the older materials. Most of the problems we see are a lack of understanding of that key principle. Here are the most prevalent issues we see when installations go badly:

  • Shingles: A new shingle may not glue down to an old shingle. Poor handling and the accumulation of oils can affect adhesion. This is the same with older shingles. Trying to use old shingles that have been sitting in your basement for fifteen years may not properly adhere and can affect adhesion.
  • Metal Roofing: When metal roofing leaks, it’s frequently a result of overdriving, under driving or driving roofing screws at the wrong angle. The only way to fix this situation is to essentially reinstall the metal roof.

Experienced Installation Is Worth The Investment.

Ensuring you get a roof that maintains your investment in your home requires installation by professionals experienced in the industry. Since 2004, Valley Roofing & Exteriors has been providing the area’s most top-notch roofing services for shingles, metal, copper, shake, and even flat roofing. Contact a member of our team to learn more and to get started installing and repairing your roof.

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