How Window Replacement Can Save You Money

Harrisonburg homeowners with energy bill woes may find that window replacement is the smart option. Swapping out those aging single-pane windows with newer energy efficient models is a great idea for many reasons.

New Windows Decrease Your Energy Bill

If your energy bill is consistently higher than you expect, it may be due to poor installation or aging windows letting air in from outside. Getting window replacement from an expert installer will help get those bills under control.

According to the EPA’s Energy Star program, upgrading from single-pane to a qualified window saves the average homeowner between $101 to $503 per year. Even upgrading from double-pane windows can save the homeowner up to $197 per year. The savings are especially significant for those living in colder climates.

Windows With Low-E Coatings Protect Your Belongings

Low-E glass is essentially regular glass with a special coating that reflects the UV rays from sunlight. UV rays break down certain pigments and cause fading in drapes, carpets, floors, furniture, and even sentimental items such as photographs or paintings. Choose Low-E glass for your window replacement to avoid losing sentimental items or having to spend money on replacements.

Efficient Windows Keep You Comfortable Year-Round

Anyone who is constantly adjusting the thermostat will benefit from more efficient windows. Expert installation prevents cold drafts during winter, and gas-filled windows keep heat inside. For the hotter months, coated windows can reduce heat gain without sacrificing visibility. With your new windows properly managing the sunlight, you’ll find yourself stepping away from the thermostat controls.

When You Need Window Replacement, Contact Valley Roofing & Exteriors

We are the window company in Harrisonburg that homeowners turn to for exceptional window installation. Our expert team helps you pick out the perfect windows for your home, and installs them perfectly. If you’re ready to save money on your bills, contact us for a free quote on window replacement.

Start Saving Money With Window Replacement.