Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Schedule Roofing Services For Your Home.

Many Harrisonburg homeowners only consider roofing services when their roof is in immediate need of repair due to leaking. However, as one of the most important elements of the home, it’s important to be proactive about roofing services, so that problems can be fixed before they grow into bigger issues.

An Inspection From A Roofing Company Can Catch Issues You Didn’t Know About.

Not all parts of a roof are visible to the homeowner from the ground. There may be some issues which can only be seen by climbing on top of the roof. (We happen to offer free comprehensive roof inspections!)

For those with an attic that they rarely access, small leaks or problems with insulation may not be apparent. A proper inspection from an experienced roofing company can help catch these issues before they cause bigger problems down the line.

A Reputable Company Can Tell You Which Services You Need–or Don’t.

An experienced roofing company can inspect your roof to identify potential or current problems. Whether you hired them because you noticed a visual defect or because of a known problem, an honest roofer will tell you what needs to be done and what can wait. If you have a concern, you should contact a trustworthy roofing company to investigate it as soon as possible.

Regular Professional Upkeep Can Point Out Other Problems.

Routine maintenance, even if it’s as simple as regular gutter cleaning, gives professionals more chances to catch potential problems. For example, it may be obvious to us that ice dams can form in certain areas of your gutters, which could potentially cause water to flow back into your home. We could then suggest snow guards, which are less costly than dealing with water damage later.

Roofs need continued maintenance, with inspections suggested every two to five years. If you’re a couple of years behind, it may be time to schedule Harrisonburg roofing services to make sure there aren’t any problems lurking.

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We Do Roofing Services Right.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors performs roofing services throughout Harrisonburg and the wider Virginia area. If you’re due for routine maintenance, our free inspections are a great opportunity.

Call your Harrisonburg roofing company for a free roofing service estimate!