What Happens When Gutter Installation Goes Wrong.

Improper gutter installation can be a huge headache for homeowners. It can result in damage to both the gutters themselves and to the home. To avoid trouble with gutter installation, choose a reputable company and watch for these potential issues.

Pitch Affects Gutter Performance.

Proper gutters will be installed at a subtle pitch (angle) that guides water away from the house. If the pitch is too extreme, the gutter system will be overwhelmed with gushing water and debris. And, if there’s not enough pitch, you’ll see stagnant pools of water or even water flowing back against the house.

Gutters Need Proper Support.

Gutters are supported by hangers which must be spaced appropriately for the material used and for the amount of precipitation that your area sees on average. Improper spacing can lead to sagging or even complete failure. For Harrisonburg gutter installation, Valley Roofing & Exteriors recommends spacers every 16″ to prevent sagging.

Proper Materials Reduce Gutter Maintenance.

Gutters can be made from vinyl, aluminum, copper, steel or even wood for historic homes. Materials should be chosen based on what works best for your climate and home. Don’t make your decision based purely on cost. For example, vinyl gutters are the cheapest option, but they only hold up well in milder climates. Choosing the wrong material can mean extra maintenance.

Gutter Installation Depends On Size.

The necessary size of your gutters will depend on the amount of precipitation an area receives, as well as the pitch and design of your roof. Basically, the gutters will need to be just big enough to accommodate the amount of water that will flow through them. Improper sizes will cause water to flow over, possibly damaging the home.

Correct Gutter Placement Protects The Home.

Finally, gutters need to be properly integrated with the roofline to prevent water from leaking behind them and into the home.

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Valley Roofing & Exteriors Is The Trustworthy Gutter Installation Company.

At Valley Roofing & Exteriors, we have the knowledge and experience to avoid all of the common gutter mistakes. We know the climate in your area and will take proper measurements to take care of your home. If you’re interested in gutter installation, contact us today.

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