Here’s How To Determine If Your Charlottesville Roof Was Properly Installed.

No matter where you live, a new roof is a significant investment in your home. For homeowners in Charlottesville, your new roof affects the assessed value of your home and your long-term investment. A poorly installed roof can impact the structural integrity of your home and its energy efficiency. Here are some of the most significant issues we find when we inspect roofing in Charlottesville:

  • Poor Fastening: When a roof isn’t fastened properly, it can blow off in extreme weather.
  • Moisture Problems: Along with poor fastening, a badly installed roof can leak and cause moisture and mold issues to your home’s structure. If the flashing isn’t snug, there can be leaks around chimneys.
  • Shingle Adhesion: Shingles may not seal properly if they are not installed to manufacturer’s recommendations. The installers should have factory training to ensure proper adhesion for the long run.
  • Scratched Metal: Improper handling can scratch and bend metal roofing, which makes it more likely to leak and rust.
new roof on beautiful home

How Can I Guarantee A Good Install?

We recommend you discuss the 4Ps with potential contractors. Use the information you gain to make informed decisions:

  • Problems: Your roofing contractor should be able to determine if there are any problems with your existing roof. They should also be able to tell you if they can repair the roof as opposed to replacing it.
  • Product: An experienced contractor knows the best product for your home, budget and neighborhood. They should be able to work with you and give you options.
  • People: Finding the right people to do the work for you is one of the most important factors. The best products improperly installed will do you no good. Ask your contractor if they have worked on similar projects in scope and size. A good contractor should also be able to give you many great references for the work that they do.
  • Price: A new roof should be an investment in your home, not an expense. Make sure you are not throwing your money away. The right contractor will help you find the option that works with your budget.

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