The Top 4 Roofing Trends In 2023 So Far

We are almost halfway through the year, and we have seen several exciting roofing trends emerge! These trends come from both clients and manufacturers, and they all have significant implications for how the roofing market will grow. You’ll want to read these if you plan to get a new roof in the next few years!

aerial view of home with metal roofing.

1. Sustainability Is More Important Than Ever

More and more people are realizing the importance of sustainability in our daily lives. Sustainable roofs not only reduce energy costs but also help to protect the environment. This trend has led to more people asking for lighter colors to reflect the sunlight and keep cooling costs down. Others are taking this a step further and creating so-called green roofs, which use vegetation to reduce heat. Additionally, sustainable roofs can increase a property’s value and provide long-term benefits, making them a wise investment for homeowners, even if it means spending a little extra up-front.

2. Solar Panels Are Becoming More Popular

Solar panels have been around for decades and are only becoming more popular. Although they aren’t suitable for every home, they can help reduce reliance on other energy sources and give peace of mind that you’re helping the environment.

3. Metal Roofing Remains An Attractive Alternative

It’s not surprising that standing seam metal roofs are still growing in popularity! Metal roofing is attractive, unique and more durable than standard asphalt roofs. Plus, it requires less maintenance. Others are opting for metal shingles to enjoy the benefits of metal roofing but prefer a traditional look. (Check our recent article to learn the difference between standing seam and metal shingles.)

4. Modern Technology Gives Homeowners Peace Of Mind

More local roofing companies in Charlottesville have been turning to technology to make the process of buying a new roof easier for consumers. For example, we use a system called Beacon 3D+ which allows homeowners to see in real-time what their home might look like with different materials. It gives homeowners much more confidence in their purchases than just looking at samples.

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