The Different Types Of Skylight.

Harrisonburg homeowners curious about skylight installation probably wonder which options are available to them. There are three major categories of skylights for homeowners to choose from.

Fixed skylight

Fixed Skylights Are The Classic Choice.

The skylight that most homeowners immediately think of are called “fixed skylights.” They are essentially windows in the roof that are permanently sealed shut, letting in beautiful natural light but keeping out moisture and air. In addition to being great for lighting up dark areas of the home, they also have the benefit of giving a view of the sky outside. Homeowners who get fixed skylights can look up and see clouds during the day or beautiful stars at night.

Fixed skylights can be a potential source of leaks if they’re not installed properly, so homeowners should choose a skylight installation company that is certified. Some skylight manufacturers even offer warranties when choosing a certified installer, such as Velux with their 10-Year No Leak guarantee.

Venting skylight

Ventilating Skylights Invite Fresh Air Into The Home.

The upgrade over fixed skylights is the ventilating (or venting) skylight. These appear similar to fixed skylights but have the added functionality of being able to swing open. The benefit is that, in addition to natural light and gorgeous views of the sky, ventilating skylights invite fresh, clean air into the home. This is great for areas of the home where moisture accumulates, such as bathrooms, washrooms or kitchens.

Ventilating skylights can be either manual or electric. Manual models can be opened by turning the handle or rod, while electric models can be controlled with a remote. Many units have additional features such as bug screens, solar powered motors, or sensors that automatically close the window when rain is detected.

Sun tunnels

Bring Light Into Small Spaces With Sun Tunnels.

Fixed and ventilating skylights both require a certain amount of space to install. For smaller bathrooms, closets or hallways, you can still let in the beautiful natural light with a sun tunnel. These are also known as tubular skylights, and are essentially long flexible tubes with a dome at either end. Since they’re permanently closed they can direct sunlight into those small, dark rooms without worrying about letting moisture in. Due to their small size, sun tunnels don’t give a view of the outside sky. But they offer great privacy and even be installed around obstructions in attics.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors Is A Certified Velux Skylight And Sun Tunnel Installer.

If you’re a Harrisonburg homeowner who’s interested in letting light into their home, you should contact us today. We’re certified installers through Velux so you can rely on us for worry-free sun tunnel or skylight installation.

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