Standing Seam Metal Roof and Seamless Half-Round Gutter Install in Harrisonburg, VA

Another old fashioned standing seam metal roof installation taking place in Harrisonburg! As soon as the roof is finished we will be installing 6″ coppertone half-round seamless (yes, you read right, seamless half-round) guttering all around!  It will be a beautiful combination.   Stay posted for more pictures!

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Snow Guards: Is your roof prepared for winter?

Snow Guards: Is your roof prepared for winter weather?

Metal and slate roofs in particular add that special touch to your home, but can be dangerous in a snowstorm.  Snow guards also add to the aesthetic of your asphalt shingle roofs. In winter months the minute feature called the snow guard makes your metal and slate roofs a safe choice.

What are snow guards and how do they work?

The small metal pieces that you see spaced apart and perched on the lower half of a slate or metal roof are designed to impair snow from plunging off the roof. Snow guards catch snow to keep it from avalanching, holding the snow in place on the roof. This backup of snow then stays on the roof until it melts or drifts off safely. Avalanching snow can tear down gutters, and crush structures, cars and landscaping on the ground below.

Designed to match the roof, your snow guards are the perfect fit.

Snow guards don’t come in a “one size fits all” model, but rather are designed to the roof. Material, pitch, and climate are taken into account when snow guards are chosen. Though they are made to last for the life of the roof, should your snow guards be damaged they can be replaced. Call Valley Roofing & Exteriors today for a snow guard inspection!