Gutter Guards Do The Dirty Work!

3 Ways Gutter Guards Do The Dirty Work To Save You Time and Money

Debris in your gutters is a welcome home for small plants, bugs, and snakes. So for clear gutters you could spend hours up on a ladder twice a year doing really tricky cleaning. Dirty work isn’t the way most people want to spend the weekend!

Gutter guards take care the hard and dirty work of cleaning your gutters.

The top shield keeps unwanted debris and wildlife out while letting water in. When your gutters function properly, your foundation lasts longer and your home is more secure.

  1. Eliminate lengthy spring and fall gutter cleaning. Get your weekend back with functional gutters from the start. With professional installation, your fall gutter cleaning is as easy as a phone call. We provide free estimates and quick installation. Your gutter guards save the day!
  2. Clogged gutters create costly foundation problems. Keep your home in pristine condition, protecting your investment and enjoying the benefits of functional gutters. Gutter guards eliminate clogged gutters!
  3. A customized gutter guard solution takes the unique elements of your home into consideration. Tree placement and roof elements factor into finding the right gutter guard products for you home. Take no chances with certified professional installation and warranties. Gutter guard installation is easy with local experts.

Call for a free on-site estimate for gutter guards today and save yourself the hassle of clogging leaves this fall.

We offer four payment options for roofing solutions that fit your budget.

Top 3 Gutter Cleaning Solutions For Safe DIY Chores!

Clean Gutters Support Optimal Function Of Your Foundation And Roof.

Properly functioning gutters keep rain flowing right where you want it and not where you don’t! We can help with gutter cleaning if you would like us to take care of it for you. However, if you are looking to get in there and clean them yourself, here are Valley Roofing & Exteriors’s Top 3 Gutter Cleaning Solutions to help you out.

Safety First!

Before you begin to clean your gutters, put safety first with a little preparation. First things first: Is your ladder functioning properly? Do you have work gloves to protect your hands? Do you have a bucket in which to put the debris you find? Are you working with a buddy to ensure your safety from the ground? Is the light right to see what you need to see? Are trees trimmed back from your home to give you easy access to the perimeter of your roof? Take precautions to operate securely and stay safe so you can clean your gutters and then sit back and enjoy your work!

Top 3 Gutter Cleaning Solutions Keep Your Water Flowing. 

  1. Clear out visible debris. Getting up where you can see into your gutters  can bring you face to face with the muck that causes clogs. Byharrisonburg gutters installation cleaning out the debris, you minimize water dams that run off and affect your foundation.
  2. Wash out your gutters with the garden hose. Running clean water through your gutters when it’s not pouring rain gives you a chance to see if thereare any leaks or cracks, clogs or hidden debris that may keep your gutter system from working well.
  3. Check the integrity of your gutter guards. Make sure your gutter guards are in tact and winter weather or seasonal storms haven’t damaged them. If you do have gutter guards, they take care of our first two tips for you!


Leaf Relief Gutter Guard Install In Staunton!

20141021_142401Keep those leaves out of your gutters for good!

We installed this leaf relief gutter guard system for a home in Staunton, Va. We even got a little rain soon after lunch and got a chance to observe the gutter guard in action. It was quite a feeling of accomplishment  to watch the water pour through the gutter guard and filtering out the leaves and other debris from the roof.

10 year clog-free leaf relief gutter guard warranty!

With the limited ten year clog free warranty these homeowners will be protected for years to come! After installing the gutter guard I was also able to help the homeowners install a swinging bird feeder before we had to pack it up for the day. Had a great time working for the homeowners on the project and look forward to working on any other Staunton Va area gutter guard and roofing projects!

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Gutter guards save the day.

Gutter guards save the day.

Gutters do more than keep you from getting rained on when you walk outside. When they drain properly they keep rain from spilling over to damage your foundation, wash out flowerbeds, and cause erosion. Debris can clog up your gutters so that you have to clean them regularly to keep them functional. That means dangerous time on a ladder dealing with bugs, mold, and festering debris. Sometimes it even means encountering snakes or breaking a leg! Gutter guards can save the day.

Leaf Relief gutter guards are top of the line for the perfect fit. 

Invisible from the ground, Leaf Relief gutter guards offer 100% effective leaf blockage to keep the water freely flowing in your gutters. Patented Aluma-Perf Technology keeps out leaves, pine needles, and twigs. Debris that lands on the gutter guard generally blows off in the breeze, as it is not nestled in the gutter.  Flowing water is free to run its course in the guarded gutter system, safely keeping you on the ground and alleviating damage to your property from spillover.

Leaf Relief is backed with a 10-year “no clog, no overflow” warranty.

Tested and tried, Leaf Relief backs their gutter guards with a 10-year “no clog, no overflow” warranty. No spillover should occur due to internal gutter clogging.  Call Valley Roofing & Exteriors for a free Leaf Relief gutter guard estimate today!