The 3 Reasons To Get Skylight Installation For Your Charlottesville Home

Skylight installation is a great idea for Charlottesville homes. As a homeowner you might not have thought much about it, but skylights improve your properties in many ways. Here are three of the top reasons why you should consider contacting a local skylight installer:

1 Skylight Installation Can Increase Resale Value

It’s a fact that potential homebuyers are influenced by the way rooms make them feel. This is why real estate agents will always suggest clearing clutter from rooms before showing your house: a bright, clean and open room will always feel better to a potential buyer than one that’s dark and closed off. Adding a skylight or sun tunnel opens up the vertical space and floods the rooms with natural sunshine, which goes a long way toward that bright, clean feeling that purchasers are looking for.

2 Interior Design Is Easier With A Skylight

As opposed to standard windows, you don’t have to worry much about furniture placement when working in a room with a skylight. Opting for a skylight instead of new window installation will leave your walls open for artwork and allow more arrangements of furniture. The design of a room can be further enhanced by opting for sun tunnels, which give an effect similar to recessed lighting.

Skylights are especially nice for designing rooms where privacy is important, such as bathrooms or changing closets. Skylights let in natural light that illuminates the space, without the hassle of having to worry about curtains or other ways to protect privacy.

3 Skylight Installation May Lower Energy Bills

Saving money is more important than ever, and skylight installation helps keep your energy bills low. In rooms with skylights, you can power down overhead lights and lamps, and instead rely on free, natural sunlight.

If you opt for a vented skylight, you can even help your AC systems work more efficiently by venting out the humid air. You can also regulate the temperature in your home by installing the skylight at an angle that allows the space to fill with light while avoiding the warmer direct rays of the afternoon sun.

Skylight above bathtub

Valley Roofing & Exteriors Are Your Skylight Installation Experts

If you’ve been convinced of the benefits of skylights but still have questions, feel free to reach out to us. You can rely on us to help you choose the perfect solution for your home, as we’ve been the reliable skylight installation company in Charlottesville since 2004.

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