Local Roofing Projects Combine Metal Roof & Asphalt Shingle Materials

Who says you have to stick to one roofing material? We love it when clients combine metal roof sections with asphalt shingles in their projects. 

Combine Metal & Shingle Roofing For Eye-Catching Contrast.

What we see roofing clients request most often with this combination is that the homes’ main structures use asphalt shingles while their porches, sunrooms or other standalone portions use metal roofing.

copper roofing accents
metal roofing transition to shingle roof

Why Mix Metal & Asphalt?

There are several compelling reasons to consider a mixed-material roof.

  • It’s Cost-Effective. Metal roofs tends to be more expensive than its asphalt counterpart (although metal is longer-lasting). Incorporating metal into a smaller portion of the project allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s also common and cost-effective to add a metal feature to a new addition when your home’s roof isn’t quite ready for a full replacement.
  • It’s Visually Interesting. Mixing materials adds depth, texture and interest to your home’s exterior, creating a layered look that enhances its curb appeal.
  • It Draws Attention To Standalone Features. Adding a metal roof to a sunroom or porch highlights those areas and accentuates their presence.
aerial view of Halterman's new roof and metal roof on porch

We Provide High-Quality Roofing Options For Every Home & Budget.

This approach is a creative way to blend different roofing materials. By collaborating with a skilled roofer familiar with both materials, you can achieve a look that perfectly suits your home’s architecture.

Asphalt Shingles

Our GAF Designer Asphalt Shingles mimic the look of slate and wood shingles at an economical price point. Our Standard Asphalt Shingles blend seamlessly with almost any architectural style, offering color options to complement your siding and landscaping.

Metal Roofing

No matter your home’s architectural style, a standing seam metal roof is a durable and stylish option. With a lifespan of as much as 100 years, metal roofs offer character and dependability. Our experienced installers will efficiently replace your existing roof at a competitive price.

Our Dependable Team & Excellent Warranty Protect Your Investment.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors provides superior craftsmanship and dependable support. We stand behind our work, so you can rest assured your new roof will withstand the test of time. When you choose us, you’re not just investing in roofing—you’re investing in peace of mind that lasts for decades. Get a free estimate today.

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