How 3D Software Enhances Your Roofing Project Experience.

Improving your home shouldn’t involve guesswork. That’s why Valley Roofing & Exteriors uses HOVER, a cutting-edge 3D modeling software, with every estimate. This service allows you to mix and match design decisions on a virtual model of your actual house.

Take a closer look at how it all works in their introductory video.

HOVER Helps You Refine Colors & Materials Before Your Roofing Project Begins.

During a roofing estimate with Valley Roofing & Exteriors, our staff take photos of your home’s entire exterior. After the visit, our estimators input the images into HOVER, which creates an accurate 3D model of your home.

Then, the magic begins.

home model output from HOVER 3D roofing software

You receive a collaborative link to the model, where you can mix and match materials, siding types, paint colors, windows and more.

We make it simple for you to use by already having every brand an material choice loaded in the software. That way, you see exactly what your project will look like before the work begins and can be confident in your decisions.

Brands of roofing products in HOVER 3D software.
Shingle color options as seen in HOVER

3D Models Help Measure & Estimate With Pinpoint Accuracy.

With HOVER’s technology, you also benefit from more precise measurements for your project. Gone are the days of estimating with eyes and climbing on roofs with a measuring tape—the software does this for us (and does it well.)

Faster and more accurate measurements translate to faster and more accurate estimates. This ensures that the quote you receive is transparent, honest and free from unexpected costs.

Get Peace Of Mind With State-of-the-Art Roofing In Charlottesville, Harrisonburg & Beyond.

Confidence is key when diving into a big project like a new roof, especially when making an investment that will last a lifetime. Thanks to Valley Roofing & Exteriors’ use of HOVER, you’ll have peace of mind with real design visualizations and accurate estimates. If you want to start a roofing estimate in Charlottesville, Harrisonburg and beyond, get in touch.

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