What To Expect During A Roof Inspection

If you’re feeling nervous about your roof inspection, give this guide a read. We cover when you need an inspection, what to expect, and how to protect your investment.

When Should You Get A Roof Inspection

Not sure if you need an inspection? If you see long dark spots that slowly spread along the ceiling of the top floor of your house, these likely indicate a leak and mean it’s time for an inspection. You should also schedule an inspection if your gutters aren’t working properly or appear damaged, or if it’s been several years since your last inspection. You should also contact a local roofing company if you’re buying a new home.

What Happens During An Inspection

A thorough roof inspection is more involved than many homeowners realize! Here some of the major steps in the process:

  1. First, you will need to call a roofing company near you to schedule a free roof inspection. (Not sure who to choose? Look for the three signs of a trustworthy roofing company.)
  2. A representative from the company will arrive at the scheduled time. At this point they will need access to the attic.
    The attic will be inspected for leaks, damage, improper airflow and other issues. They will also check for mold growth, stains or other signs of constant leaks.
  3. The surface of the roof will be inspected for damaged or missing shingles, as well as improper installation which can cause gaps and leaks.
    All flashing and seals (such as those around skylights, fans, pipes, chimneys) will be checked for rust, deterioration, improper installation, leaks and other damage.
  4. Gutters will be checked for signs of ice dams, clogging, leaks, damage and improper installation.
  5. Metal roofs will be inspected across the entire surface for rust, damage to the flashing and separated seams.
  6. After inspection, the representative will walk you through any potential problems or areas of concern and will let you know exactly how those issues can be solved. If you decide to move ahead, they will prepare a detailed and thorough estimate.

What Shouldn’t Happen During An Inspection

Your roof is a large investment so it’s important that the company inspecting it is reputable and trustworthy. Never accept unsolicited inspections from someone you don’t know, and never accept an inspection done via images or over the phone. You should also be wary of anyone that refuses to give you a thorough, detailed, written estimate.

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Since opening in 2004, we have provided hundreds of inspections to homeowners throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Our employees are not only properly trained, but respectful; we will treat your home as our own and take the time to find any potential problems. You can count on us for thorough, truthful estimates and long-lasting roof repairs. If you need a roof inspection in Harrisonburg, get in touch.

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