The Pros & Cons Of Vinyl Siding

Is it time to replace your home’s siding? If so, you may wonder whether vinyl siding is still the best choice. In our latest article we compare the pros and cons of the material compared to more traditional siding materials like wood. Read on so you can make the best decision for your home.

Pro: Vinyl Siding Offers Innumerable Styling Options

One of the biggest advantages of using vinyl is that it comes in an extremely wide range of colors and styles. If you like the look of wood, you can choose siding that emulates it, without all the hassles that come along with actually choosing wood. It comes in various textures, clapboard sizes, and can even be horizontal or vertical. And because the color is actually imbued into the material, you never have to worry about painting it.

Con: Vinyl Has To Be Carefully Installed To Avoid Warping

One problem that can occur with vinyl siding is warping. Luckily, this is rare and is not due to the material itself. Rather, it all comes down to the installation: you need to make sure you choose a reputable siding company in Harrisonburg to do the job correctly. If it’s too tight to the wall or nailed in the wrong places, problems could arise. As long as the installer takes their time, you can enjoy a beautiful warp-free finish.

Pro: Vinyl Siding Can Fix Mistakes Of The Past

If your home has original wood siding, you may be considering trying to fix that up. Unfortunately, the problems with wood siding mount up quickly: if it’s been covered in layers of paint over the years, you’ll likely have trouble getting any new layers to bond properly on top, and the old layers will likely peel through. If you sand the wood, you run the risk of turning up some old lead paint layers. The most cost effective way to fix this is to get a trustworthy siding company to install vinyl over top.

Con: If Budget Is No Concern, Wood Is More Authentic For Older Homes

If your only concern is keeping the style of an old home, wood siding is the most authentic option—vinyl can closely recreate the look, but not exactly. Wood comes with its own drawbacks and needs to be painted every 5 years or so, and is vulnerable to rot and pests. But for that authentic aesthetic, it’s the way to go.

Pro: Nothing Beats The Value Of Vinyl

As you probably know, vinyl is a very affordable material for siding—other siding products can cost twice as much or more! If affordability is a major factor in your decision, then vinyl is the best choice by far. Not only will it cost less for the raw materials, but it’s durable and will last with less maintenance, which saves you money in the long run as well.

closeup of vinyl siding and metal roofing

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