The Ziembas Turned To Local Roofing Company After Hailstorm Damage

Following a severe hailstorm in Harrisonburg, the Ziembas turned to Valley Roofing & Exteriors, their local, reliable roofing company. We had the pleasure of working with them previously on minor repairs and installing a guttering system, so they knew they could count on our quality and craftsmanship.

The Ziembas Needed A Roofing Company With A Rapid Response.

After answering their call the day after the storm and assessing the damage, they opted for a roof replacement and new gutter guards. The Ziembas chose our Signature Shingle Roof Package, ensuring a worry-free future with its lifetime warranty on labor and materials. See the final result for yourself in the video below. (full transcript available)

Video Transcript:

“Last summer, a nasty hailstorm hit Harrisonburg and the Ziembas’ roof was damaged pretty bad.

The very next day, they called us up, and after checking things out, the Ziembas opted for a new roof and gutter guards.

They went with our Signature Roof Package because it comes with a lifetime warranty on both labor and materials.

That way, they knew they’d never have to worry about their roof again.

They picked GAF’s Barkwood color for their shingles, and it looks great against their brick exterior.

And their new brown gutter guards blend in really nicely with the roofline. It’s like they were always meant to be there!

The Ziembas have beautiful landscaping all around their home, so our crew had to be extra careful and use our Equiptor machine to collect materials and prevent any damage.

All in all—this was another job well done by our crew that’s been working together at Valley Roofing & Exteriors for over ten years.

It was our pleasure to help The Ziembas with a roof that will last a lifetime.”

Aerial view of new roof from Harrisonburg roofing company, Valley Roofing & Exteriors.
Detail work of signature shingle roof package.

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The project at the Ziembas demonstrates our dedication to providing roofing solutions that withstand the test of time. With nearly 20 years of experience, Valley Roofing & Exteriors has built a strong reputation for delivering personable and dependable service in Harrisonburg, VA and throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Contact us today for a free estimate from a trusted roofing company.

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