4 Signs That You Need New Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has become the standard because of its affordability and durability. But like all things, it does eventually get damaged or wear down. Here are 4 of the most common issues to keep an eye out for with your home’s vinyl siding.

1. Warping Can Indicate Improper Installation

If you suddenly notice that the sides of your home look uneven or warped, it can indicate that the vinyl siding was installed improperly. Alternatively, the warping may be caused by consistently hot temperatures in your area, or by concentrated sun spots. To avoid this issue, make sure you choose a reputable siding installer near you, avoid painting your siding dark colors and deflect any concentrated direct sunlight.

2. Cracks May Indicate A Range Of Problems

If cracks appear in the vinyl, you should call a professional immediately. These cracks can leave your home vulnerable to water damage, pests and more—and may indicate larger problems. For example, the cracks may be caused by water damage elsewhere. In rare cases, they can even indicate a significant structural issue.

3. Fading Can Occur Over Time

One of the most common issues with siding is it fading over time due to direct sunlight or oxidation. This will eventually happen to all vinyl siding, but should take 10 to 15 years or more to be evident. The best way to avoid this is prevention: choose a lighter color that won’t show fading as well and give the walls some shade.

4. Strange Noises Can Indicate Problems

Have you ever heard strange creaking or popping when the wind picks up? It’s possible that this is due to improperly installed siding. If even one piece of the siding is loose, wind can infiltrate the gap and cause the other pieces to rattle and shake. Like the other problems listed here, the best way to address it is prevention by choosing a local siding contractor in Harrisonburg that you can trust.

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