Dayton Mennonite Church Upgrades To New Metal Roof

When Dayton Mennonite Church began experiencing problems and leaks with their old shingle roof, they turned to Valley Roofing & Exteriors for help.

This project, located in Dayton, Virginia and completed in Summer 2023, presented several challenges and opportunities for our team.

Dayton Mennonite Church's new metal roof from the air.
Close up of metal roof line fix
Drone photo of complex rooflines on new metal roof at Dayton Mennonite Church

Project Info:

Location: Dayton, VA

Services: Standing Seam Metal Roof; Gutter System

Products: Sentriclad Metal Roof; Mastic Aluminum Gutters

Project Timeline:  7 weeks

The Church Chose A Metal Roof For Its Durability & Lifespan.

The Church had been experiencing continual problems with their shingle roof. For them, a new roof wasn’t just an upgrade but an investment in their peace of mind. Our team worked with theirs to choose a roofing solution that would resolve their immediate issues and provide long-term reliability.

Ultimately, the Church opted for a new Sentriclad standing seam metal roof and state-of-the-art Mastic aluminum gutter system. The desire for a long-term investment drove their decision, as these products are known for their durability, with lifespans of up to 100 years and 25 years, respectively.

Our Team Fixed The Roof Line To Prevent Future Leaks.

Every project has unique challenges, and this one was no exception. The biggest problem we encountered was a poorly designed area of the roof where a valley line intersected with another section, creating a prime spot for leaks. Our experienced team addressed this issue, ensuring the new roofline would drain properly.

New Aluminum Alloy Gutters Protect Exterior Walls, Landscaping & Foundation.

Finally, the team at Dayton Mennonite Church chose a Mastic aluminum guttering system that was lightweight, rust-resistant and visually matched the new metal roof. The guttering system’s high-tech aluminum alloy and double-coating finish will maintain its color and finish while protecting the Church’s foundation and exterior from damage.

New metal roof on Dayton Mennonite Church

Valley Roofing & Exteriors Installs Metal Roofs That Last A Lifetime.

The project at Dayton Mennonite Church demonstrates our dedication to providing roofing solutions that withstand the test of time. With nearly 20 years of experience, Valley Roofing & Exteriors has built a strong reputation for delivering personable and dependable service in Dayton and throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Contact us today for a free estimate on a metal roof.

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