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Gutter Installation Requires An Experienced Hand.

Properly installed gutters are critical to keeping your home in tip-top shape. A badly installed gutter assembly can allow water to leach into the facade of your house and lead to premature deterioration of your home. Know what to look for and always hire experienced professionals with testimonials to back them up. Here are the issues we encounter when we see bad gutter installation:

  • Supports Too Far Apart: We’ve seen hangers or supports installed up to 48” apart. We install all our supports within 16” to allow for the weight of ice and snow accumulation during winter. A poorly supported gutter sags against the house and doesn’t dry properly, leading to deterioration of your home over time.
  • Gutter Slope: Gutters need to be installed with a consistent slope towards the downspout. We’ve seen jobs where there was no slope and even some where the slope ran back towards the house, not away from the house.
  • Poor Gutter To Roof Integration: Your gutters and roof should work together to keep your home dry. Some businesses that only install gutters don’t properly integrate the gutters into the roof line – meaning water leaks through seams and penetrates your home.
  • Improper Fastenings: Downspouts carry water down from the gutter and to the ground. Downspouts should be fastened and anchored into your facade every 8’. High winds can pull poorly anchored or fastened downspouts away from your house.
  • Where Does The Downspout Go?: Some companies install downspouts, but don’t think about where the water needs to go. In these situations, water ends up dumping right at your home’s foundation. Pipe it away or add a splash block to maintain your home’s foundation.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors Brings Industry Experience To All Our Projects.

We pride ourselves on operating with integrity and knowledge in every job we estimate and install. Since 2004, our team has provided expert installation, repair, and inspections of roofing in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and beyond.

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