A Roof Inspection Keeps You Safe During Cold Winter Months.

A roof inspection in early December ensures your roof is in the condition necessary to withstand the harsh elements of winter. Should your roof need replacement or repair, this early inspection gives Valley Roofing & Exteriors the time to repair or install a new roof before the snow and ice starts accumulating. While you can do your own visual inspection, a professional is able to identify precursors to roofing issues and details the average homeowner cannot.

roof needs roof inspection

Professional Roof Inspection Is A Valuable Investment.

At Valley Roofing & Exteriors, we’ve seen enough roofs to know how many could have lasted longer had they been inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Consider your roof inspection an important element of maintaining your home and delaying the purchase of a new roof. Here’s what we look for when inspecting your roof:

  • Caulking. We check the caulking around the roof flashing to determine if it’s cracking or shows a buildup of rust.
  • Shingles. We look at each shingle to see if it’s split, curling, or buckling. We also review the roofline to determine if any shingles are missing.
  • Organic Growth. We look for signs of moss or lichen buildup on your roof. This is an early sign of decay.

No matter the material or company that installed your roof, Valley Roofing & Exteriors’s team of professionals will provide a thorough inspection on which you can depend.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors’s Reputable Work Is A Valley Standard.

Since 2004, we’ve provided roofing, maintenance, repair, and installation in Virginia. Our top notch team is certified installing shingles, metal, copper, slate, and cedar roofing. We focus on our client’s experience working with our company and strive to provide an investment opportunity on which they can depend. We believe in what we do and it’s importance for your home and our community. Contact a member of our team to learn more about our products and services.

Are You Ready For A Roof Inspection?