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We take great pride in serving the Shenandoah Valley’s roofing needs. Our Staunton roofing services include the design and certified installation of:

We offer our roofing expertise to help you find the perfect fit. Staunton home and business owners enjoy prompt service. We strive for effective roofing solutions. Expect professional attire and attitudes from our crews. Check out our work in our main-gallery.

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We work with both Staunton residential and commercial roofing. Our quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service are hallmarks of Valley Roofing. We offer a range of roofing solutions that you can rely on for years to come. Our affordable payment options make roofing a reality. We maintain up-to-date credentials and take pride providing the Valley with GAF certified warranties. Our passion for roofing is matched with our expertise and emphasis on service.

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With You For The Long Term, Our Roofing Solutions Are Available Year-Round.

If your roof needs repairs after a storm or strong weather, we are available to service all roofs. We give you a free estimate with a range of price points for your fix depending on the needs of your roofing solution. We offer regular maintenance to keep your roof system and gutters working properly. Staunton homeowners enjoy the peace of mind that comes from professional roofing maintenance and repairs.

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Solutions to Ice Dams: From Prevention To Recovery

Combat Ice Dams! Address Roof Leaks And Thin Insulation Before Winter Weather Strikes.

When you are planning for your home’s winter readiness, check your roof from the inside looking for cracks, gaps, and joints. Seal all gaps and check for air and water leakage. When your insulation is thin, bringing it up to the latest code can make a tremendous difference in the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. The less heat emitted through the attic to the snow and ice on the roof, the less your chances of developing ice dams that can cause real damage to your roof.

Final Ice Dam Prevention Solutions Include Improving Ventilation And Installing a Waterproof Membrane.

Once your attic is air insulated, then improving ventilation makes a difference. The goal is to keep the air properly flowing through the home and minimizing inefficiency and heat loss through the roof. Think of it like walking in cold weather without the right hat to keep your body heat regulated. Installing a waterproof membrane is typically done when installing a new roof and can be a costly solution. Once you are at the point where you roof needs a waterproof membrane, you likely need a new roof. The waterproof layer minimizes leaks and maximizes the life of your roof.

When You’ve Got Ice Dams And Need Recovery, Handle It Layer By Layer.

The first step is knocking off excess snow to get to the ice dam. Whenever you are doing any work on your roof, be sure to take extensive safety precautions. This is especially critical in suboptimal weather conditions. Chiseling away the ice dam also requires attentive care, so as not to do any further damage to the roof. Once the ice dam is removed, salt or other chemical melting agents may be applied to halt the problem until the weather clears enough to solve the root problem.

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The Anatomy of Ice Dams

It All Starts When Winter Precipitation Lands On The dams

What causes an ice dam? Your roof has heat from inside the attic warming the exterior and the sun is emitting heat from the outside on the snow. This heat causes snow and ice to melt along the roof, running toward the gutters. Water runs out to the eaves, where the temperature naturally is cooler as the eaves hang out over the edge of the house, allowing for cold air on all sides. Winter temperatures often drop during the night, adding to the potential for ice along the eaves, also called ice dams.

Ice Dams Stop The Natural Flow Of Moisture Off The Roof.

The build up of ice along your roof keeps snowmelt and other moisture from leaving the roof along the proper channels. If you have a weak spot or leak on your roof or among your shingles, the melting snow may hit against the ice dams to back up into your roof or attic, causing water damage. Don’t underestimate the power of water at finding the tiny crevices and cracks on you roof that mean big problems over time or one heavy snow. Ice dams are symptomatic of potentially bigger problems.

 Know What To Look For After Winter Weather.

Once ice has begun to form along the roof, you may see icicles or heavy ice and snow build up along the edge of the roof. Stand back from the house and get a look at the roof, noticing where the problem areas are. You may have snow guards to keep the winter precipitation from falling on your landscaping. Looking at differences in how the roof looks and if you have ice dams may give you further insight into what is working and places that might need some attention.

Record Winter Precipitation Build Up For A Targeted Solution.

Take pictures of the build up along the exterior of your home, giving you a guide for where to target your efforts to eliminate ice dams. Read more about the solutions to ice dams.

Valley Roofing’s Pricing Guide to Roof Replacement Costs

Time for Roof Replacement?

Roofs last anywhere from 10 – 75 years, depending on the materials and installation. When it’s time for a roof replacement, you have options for the perfect fit.

During our On-Site Free Roofing Estimates, We Most Often Hear 2 Questions.

Roof replacement estimators take time to hear from the homeowner and answer questions. People want to know:

  • How much is it going to cost?
  • When can you get started?

Every roof is different, and so the real question is: What do I need?

We Use a Tried and True Formula to Perform an Estimate.

Roof replacement estimates depend on the footage and pitch of your roof, the materials you wish to use, and the state of your roof. Valley Roofing estimators apply our roofing expertise to arrive at a fair, reasonable estimate that includes options for you to customize the replacement to your tastes and budget. With any contractor, be sure to ask what the estimate includes and how the contractor arrived at that solution and price. Use the on-site estimate as a chance to ask about the installation process, warranties, and guarantees of work.

We Determine Your Roof Replacement Cost With A Consistent Formula.

We use the “Rule of 4P’s” to determine your roof replacement estimate.

  1. Problems – What is your specific roof problem? Is replacement the right choice?
  2. Products – What is needed to provide the right roof replacement?
  3. People – Who are the right people to replace your roof?
  4. Price is then determined based on the first 3 questions.

Your roof replacement cost reflects the details you provide and a thorough inspection. Our on-site inspection provides the most accurate estimate we can give, rather than giving you a ballpark figure. We include options and design help to find you the ideal solution. No two roof replacements are the same. Our free on-site estimates help you find the perfect fit for your roof replacement.

Roof Shingles with a 50-Year Warranty

Make a statement with shingles to enhance your curb appeal with a warranty to help you sleep at night.

GAF designer and standard shingles are stylish and bold, directly increasing your home’s curb appeal. With the Golden Pledge 50-year warranty means you have both style and smarts. Experience the long-term peace of mind that comes from the industry leading warranty for roof shingles.

GAF Shingles Carry Industry-Leading Warranties with Proper Installation

When you’re ready to invest in a new roof, consider the long-term investment you’re making. You want to be covered for any manufacturing issues that come up over the years. Certified installation activates your warranty and insures your roof is installed properly. GAF studies confirm that less than 1% of roofing problems are from the products themselves. This means that contractors matter! Not only does proper installation mean fewer problems down the road, your warranty will cover any manufacturing issues because a certified installer did the installation.

50-Year Golden Pledge Warranty: The Gold Standard in the Roofing Industry

New technology for more effective installation, proper training and professional development for installers, and products made from increasingly higher quality, more durable, and resilient materials all work together to make a roofing product that can carry a 50-year warranty. The industry leader in shingles, GAF stands behind its products. The 50-Year Golden Pledge Warranty is also complemented by GAF’s 25-year workmanship guarantee.

GAF-Certified Master Elite Contractors Give You Peace of Mind.

GAF is the nation’s leading roof shingle manufacturer. To offer the highest performance to their customers, GAF trains and certifies contractors to install and maintain their products effectively. The GAF certification process prepares our installers to properly and efficiently install your roof system. We earned and maintain Master Elite Contractor status through professional development for all of our installers. Our mission is to provide you with top quality service and roofing products that are tried and true.

Why Metal Roofing?

Maximize Your Investment with Our Metal Roof Buying Guide

Why Metal Roofing?

Expect more from a metal roof. Good value is a metal roof  that maintains its integrity and color. Metal roofs today are lightweight, fire-resistant, and durable, giving you a top-quality look and product. With industry leading warranties, you can expect long-term performance from a metal roof – but where to begin?

Color Choices Reflect Your Home’s Specific Style.

Whether you want a full metal roof or are accenting your home with a metal roof addition to your roofing system, you have a wide array of colors to choose from with a guaranteed finish. Metal roof colors feature a Kynar 500® resin-based paint for a maintenance-free finish that lasts up to 35 years. Standing seam metal roofing adds an elegant charm to your home that makes a statement to suit your style.

Costs Associated with Metal Roof Installation are an Investment in the Future.

The typical cost of metal roofs is around 2x as must as shingle roof. Many local metal roofs were installed 70 years ago and now they’re being replaced. Metal roofs these days have better metal and better installation practices for very long-lasting, high quality metal roofs. Using a certified installer means that you get the best possible installation specific to the roofing product and your warranties are activated, covering you for years to come.

Low-Maintenance Means More Free Time and Less Worry for You!

Get out and enjoy the view from the hammock! With a standing-seam metal roof, you have virtually no maintenance.The new painted metal comes with a 35-year finish warranty for a long lasting peace of mind. Because metal roofs are excellent at reflecting the rays of the sun, homeowners benefit from the added support to their cooling systems, keeping energy costs low.

How much do roof shingles cost anyway?

Thinking about new roof shingles? You have options!

Your roof shingles can deliver style, sophistication, elegance, and curb appeal. Standard shingles come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to fit the look of your home and your budget. Designer shingles create a stand-out aesthetic for your home. A roof is an investment and we provide expertise and professional support throughout the process to give you a lasting and stylish roof.

We work with you from shingle selection to installation to a 5-year workmanship warranty.

We enjoy developing relationship with our customers by offering lasting solutions. Your style and budget, and the scope of the job all factor into the choices you’ll make in choosing your roof shingles. Whatever you choose from Valley Roofing, you can count on certified professional installation and excellent customer service. We have design experts to help you select the shingles that complement your home. Our certified installers provide top quality installation that activates your product warranties and is guaranteed for 5 years by Valley Roofing.

Shingle costs are specific to your job.

In all our roof shingle solutions, we rely on the “Rule of 4P’s” to provide an estimate.

  1. Problems – What are your specific shingle needs and desires in a product warranty?
  2. Products – What is needed to provide the right look and style for your budget
  3. People – Who are the right people to install your roof shingles?
  4. Price is then determined based on the first 3 questions.

There are many options when choosing roof shingles and the cost varies depending on variables we factor into our estimates. You have options. We typically offer three price points for your shingle solution, giving you the power to choose what works for you and your budget. Our on-site estimates help you find the perfect fit. We offer payment options to give you greater flexibility.

Valley Roofing is Your Roof Leak Repair Expert!

Got a roof leak? We can help.

We get to the root of the problem. If you have bad chimney flashing, there is likely a quick fix to patch the problem that’s cheap and dirty. The Valley Roofing solution is to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it. Patch solutions can further compromise your roof by masking the real issue. To fix the problem means finding out what’s really going on and resolving the problem at the source.

Expertise gets to the root of your problem to stop future leaks.

We take pride in offering our customers lasting solutions. When we address an issue with your roof, our goal is to improve the integrity of your roof for the long term. Our training and certifications position us to properly manage roof leaks so that you gain the maximum benefit for your money. We appreciate that a roof is an investment, and our maintenance and care intend to maximize the life of your roof.

We estimate repairs for roof leaks on site for a thorough solution.

We inspect your roof and rely on the “Rule of 4P’s” to determine your estimate.

  • Problems – What is your specific roof leak issue?
  • Products – What is needed to provide the right roof leak repair?
  • People – Who are the right people to repair your leaky roof?
  • Price is then determined based on the first 3 questions.

We consider your roof’s age and condition in determining the leak repair that makes sense in the life of your roof. If your roof is due for replacement in a few years, we find the solution with the right components to get you where you want to be. Your roof’s leak repair cost takes your situation into account and we give you options to make the right choice for your roof’s life expectancy. Our roof leak repair estimates help you find the perfect fit.

Roof Repair Costs – What to Expect

Need a roof repair?

Missing shingles, attic leaks, heat loss – all these are observable symptoms of a roof that isn’t performing to its maximum capacity. There’s a chance you need a roof repair.

Our most-received questions about roof repairs require an on-site estimate for a proper answer.

Roof repairs come big and small. People want to know:

  • What do I need?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • When can you get started?

Not all contractors answer the same way or arrive at the same solution and price.

Roof repairs depend on the state of your roof and the expertise applied to the problem. Be sure to ask what is included in the estimate and how the contractor arrived at that solution and price. Find out the credentials and experience your contractor has in repairing roofs. Valley Roofing provides on-site estimates to thoroughly take into account the results of an inspection that delivers the right solution. Use the on-site estimate as a chance to ask about the installation process, warranties, and guarantees of work.

We determine the cost of your roof repair with a consistent formula.

To give you a customized solution and price for your roof repair, we follow the “Rule of 4P’s.”

  1. Problems – What is your specific roof problem?
  2. Products – What is needed to provide the right roof repair?
  3. People – Who are the right people to repair your roof?
  4. Price is then determined based on the first 3 questions.

We consider the big picture in determining the repair that fits the life of your roof. If you are replacing your roof in the next few years, then the solution may only require a temporary fix. Your roof repair cost reflects the details you provide and a thorough inspection to assess the exact situation that needs to be addressed. No two repairs are the same. Our roof repair estimates help you find the perfect fit.

What’s the Average Cost of a New Roof?

Time for a new roof?

Whether your aesthetic calls for shingles or metal, the cost range for a new roof is not quite a straightforward number that can apply to all homes.

Our top 3 questions about roofing include the cost.

When it’s time for a new roof for your home, the first few questions are typically:

  • What do I need?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • When can you get started?

All contractors can give you answers.

Roofing estimates vary from contractor to contractor. Always ask what is included in the estimate and expect to see out how the contractor arrived at that number. Find out if the installation is certified to activate the roof’s warranty. On-site estimates determine the scope of the project, and give you a chance to ask about the installation process, warranties, and guarantees of work.

Here’s how we figure the cost of your new roof.

Our on-site estimator follows the “Rule of 4P’s.”

  1. Problems – What is your specific roofing situation?
  2. Products – What is needed to provide the right roofing solution?
  3. People – Who are the right people to install or repair your roof?
  4. Price is then determined based on the first 3 questions.

We price jobs to include options to fit different budgets and styles. Your new roof cost is calculated specifically for your home’s needs and a proper installation.

Expect itemized estimates for greater choices to meet your roofing needs.

Our estimate takes your budget into consideration. Materials, products, styles, and colors each add an element to the overall curb appeal your roof provides. You have choices with Valley Roofing, and we offer payment options to give you greater flexibility. Our roofing estimates help you find the perfect fit.