Does Your Home Really Need Gutters?

Every now and then we read about somehow who’s wondering “are gutters really necessary?” It can be tempting to remove them just to avoid the hassle of cleaning and maintenance, especially in drier climates. But take it from Harrisonburg’s local gutter company: they really are necessary for almost all homes. Read on to find out why.

The Most Important Function Of Gutters Is Directing Water

The angle of your roof certainly plays a big part in directing rainfall around your home. However, gutters play an even more crucial role, as they carry all of the water that collects at the edge of your roof and safely disperses it in specified areas. Without them, all of that water will fall down right in front of your home, with some of it even flowing backward and hitting the walls. This can cause all sorts of issues from leaking ceilings to leaking windows and can even lead to mold and other damage.

They Keep Your Foundation Strong

Part of the importance of directing water is preventing it from collecting against the base of your home and potentially damaging your foundation. Even if your yard is perfectly graded to make water flow away from your home, it’s important to remember that grading can change. Without gutters, sheets of water will be falling straight down to the base of your home and can erode the grading, eventually causing water to pool there. In the worst scenarios this can cause great damage to your foundation and cost thousands to fix.

Even With Little Rainfall, They Play An Important Part In Protection

There are lots of other small reasons that gutters are important, like the fact that they keep you from having to run through a waterfall when you enter your home while it’s raining. But one of the most important things to remember is that gutters are preventative; even if you live in an area with little precipitation, it’s likely that you’ll experience a large rainfall event at some point. It’s important that you have them installed and ready to avoid the issues outlined above.

closeup of gutters with rain

Valley Roofing & Exteriors Helps You Keep Your Gutters In Top Shape

If you’re someone who was curious about gutter removal, we hope you’ve seen why they’re important. If you need new gutters or gutter repair in Harrisonburg, we’d love to help. Our reliable team can install gutters of all shapes, sizes and materials and install them so that they last a lifetime. If you need gutter services, contact us today.

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