Is Investing in Gutter Guards Worth It? Yes – And Here’s Why.

Gutter guards are an effective tool in keeping organic debris from building up in your gutters. With the average asphalt shingle roof expected to last anywhere from 15-18 years and metal roofing lasting up to 100 years, guards for your home’s gutter system are a nice addition to keeping your roof looking great for the duration of its life. Here are our reasons on why they are worth the money:

  • They Keep Leaves And Pests Out: Gutter guards are the most effective solution to keeping your gutters free from leaves, snakes, birds, etc. Leaves that hang out in gutters break down into nasty, bacteria-ridden gunk. Animals leave feces and shed their skin, making gutter cleaning a nightmare!
  • Our Brands Offer Superior Protection: Not all guards offer the same level of protection. Some brands don’t fit into the gutter appropriately, which negates any investment you think you made. We carry two brands, Raytec and Champion, that stand behind their products and are designed to integrate appropriately into your existing gutters.
  • They Extend The Life Of Your Gutters: By eliminating the buildup of organic material in your gutters, gutter guards extend the lives of your gutter. Gutters with guards are less likely to rust or corrode making them an appropriate option for most homes.

If you’re thinking of adding gutter guards to your roof, contact professionals experienced at installing and maintaining them in Virginia.

gutter guards protecting a home from weather.

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