5 Questions You Should Ask Your Harrisonburg Roofing Company.

If you’re looking for a local Harrisonburg roofing company, ask them these five vital questions before making a decision:

Which Certifications And Qualifications Do You Have? Can You Send A Copy Of Your COI?

Reputable Harrisonburg roofing companies have business licenses, training certificates and adequate insurance. More importantly, they’ll have proof of these things. They should be able to provide copies of certificates or point to official government records.

How Will You Inspect My Roof?

The correct answer is that they’ll send their team to do a thorough, in-person inspection which will include getting on your roof and going inside your house. Most roofing issues are invisible from the ground or from pictures. Your roofer should always inspect your attic. So much can be found from looking at the bottom side of the roof.  Anything less than a full inspection will cause problems down the road.

Who Will Install My Roof? Do You Use Subcontractors?

Subcontractors can be great for certain projects, but for roofing you’ll want a company with its own team. That way they can enforce standards such as training or behavior at the job site. If the company doesn’t know the individuals installing your roof, they can’t ensure that it’s done correctly. Many Roofers will use subcontractors to cut cost, but if they are not properly trained it will cost the homeowner in the long run.

How Will You Protect My Home?

The roofing team will be around, on top of and inside your home for lengthy periods. They should take precautions such as sticking to agreed-upon areas of the house. Outside, they should be using tarps to collect debris and sweeping your yard with magnets at the end of each day to catch any loose nails.

Can I See Examples Of Your Work And Customer Reviews?

Roofing companies should offer easy access to a large amount of reviews, which should be overwhelmingly positive. If there are a few negative reviews, they should be addressed appropriately. The company should also provide access to photos of past jobs. (Check out Valley Roofing & Exteriors’ gallery of past roofing jobs with over 100 photos!)

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If you’re thinking about getting services, give us a call and ask us these five questions. You’ll see why Valley Roofing & Exteriors has been one of Harrisonburg’s best roofing companies since 2004.

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