Top 3 Things To Look Out For When Getting Roof Repairs

Is your Harrisonburg home in need of roof repair? Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and it’s a huge investment, so you owe it to yourself to make sure your repair is done right. Here are three things to watch for while your roof is being repaired.

Never Accept Unrequested Roof Repairs

If someone knocks on your door and mentions roof damage that you had no idea about, stay away. This is a common scam that will result in shoddy repairs that you didn’t really need. (It’s especially common after large storms in the area; salesmen who seek these out are called “storm chasers.”) If you have concerns about your roof, or just haven’t had it inspected in years, you should call your local roofing company and ask them for an inspection. They’ll tell you the truth and help you avoid unnecessary work.

Look For A History Of Great Work

Every company has to start somewhere, but be extra cautious when considering brand-new roofers. Choosing a company with an established history in Harrisonburg means they will have examples of their work and many reviews available through Google. Photos of their work and good reviews from previous customers are great indicators that your repair job will be done properly.

The Repair Estimate Should Be Detailed And Thorough

If you suspect your roof needs some help, make sure that you’re provided with a thorough and detailed estimate before you agree to anything. Getting a thorough inspection and detailed estimate beforehand reduces the risk of nasty surprises. If the estimate contains an itemized list of materials and processes, you can probably trust it.

Roof Inspection and shingle application by Valley Roofing and Exteriors.

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