3 Signs That Your Home Needs Roof Repair

Your roof is the first line in defense in protecting your home from the elements, so it’s important to get roof repair whenever needed. But how do you know when repair is really needed and when it would be a waste of money? Here are the top three signs that you need to contact a roof repair company.

1 You Need Repair If You See Light In The Attic

An easy way to check the health of your roof is to head up to the attic every few months. Do a quick scan of the roof and look for any places where light leaks through. If light is getting through a hole in the roof, then so is moisture. Even a relatively small hole can cause big problems as water or pests get inside. You’ll want to find a local roofing company and get a roof inspection as soon as possible, so that they can identify and fix the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

2 Get Roof Repair As Soon As Possible If You Spot A Leak

Similarly, if you notice even a little moisture coming from the ceiling, you need to contact a roof repair company immediately. This indicates that your roof was improperly installed or that damage has occurred from a storm. Water leaks will damage the integrity of your roof and will eventually damage your walls too. In the worst case scenario, a leak may even make its way down to your foundation. Additionally, the extra moisture can cause the growth of mold which can harm your family. Luckily, as long as you catch the leak and get it repaired correctly, you can avoid much more costly damage down the line.

3 If Your Roof Is Sagging, You Need Repair

No matter what kind of roof you have, it should never sag. Every line on the roof should be perfectly straight to guide precipitation away from your home. So give your roof a quick checkup every now and then: step outside, take a glance at the roof and see if you spot any sagging. If you do see sagging, then the structure of your roof has already been damaged, and it’s important that you contact your local roofer right away. They’ll be able to inspect the damage and guide you through the process of getting it repaired or replaced.

Roofer undertaking roof repair

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If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your roof, give us a call! Our trustworthy roofing team is happy to help. We also offer free roof inspections to catch issues like these before they become a problem. If you’re interested in an inspection or need roof repair in Harrisonburg, get in touch.

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