Before considering skylight installation for your Harrisonburg home, ask yourself these three questions. Preparing answers to these questions before contacting your local skylight installers will help them find the perfect solution to your needs.

1 Where Should The Skylight Be Installed?

Think about where the sun rises and sets compared to your house, and the time of day you want to see the most sunlight inside your house. Skylights on the northern face of your roof have more sunlight earlier in the day, while the opposite is true on the southern face. Also consider your surroundings: do tall trees or neighboring buildings block some areas of your home from the sun? Think about the ideal placement with these factors in mind.

2 Is Your Roof Appropriate For Skylight Installation?

The way your roof is constructed makes a big difference in which options are available to you. For example, homeowners with truss framed roofs may need to choose smaller skylights. You should always consult with a reputable skylight company to find out whether or not your roof can support the skylight you want.

Room size also plays a role. You may have to reduce the size or number of skylights planned for a room based on its dimensions. Some rooms may not be appropriate for skylights at all–you should always trust a certified skylight installer to help you make that decision.

For those areas of the home where a skylight isn’t appropriate, you may be able to choose sun tunnels instead. They’re smaller and can be installed in very small spaces, and can even be installed around attic impediments.

3 Do You Want Venting Or Normal Skylight Installation?

Venting skylights bring the same benefits as normal models, but are able to open and allow in fresh air. They can be manually or electronically operated, and have optional features such as insect screens, solar power or sensors that can close the window when rain is detected. They are especially great for venting areas of the home where moisture accumulates, such as kitchens, washrooms or bathrooms.

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Worry-Free Skylight Installation Is Possible With Valley Roofing & Exteriors.

As certified Velux skylight installers, we can achieve your dream roof upgrade without sacrificing quality. We have the knowledge and experience to give you a skylight that won’t cause you worry. After you’ve gone through the three questions above, contact us for a free estimate on skylight installation for your Harrisonburg home!

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