3 Potential Problems To Watch For During Roofing Installation.

We’ve been installing roofing in Harrisonburg and the surrounding area for over 15 years and we’ve seen a wide range of poor quality installation practices. We understand it can be overwhelming to select the right team for the job.

Of course, the best way to ensure a proper Harrisonburg roofing installation is to choose a reputable roofing company, as only certified roofing experts can guarantee proper installation. But here are some simple things that a homeowner can keep an eye out for:

1. A Vague Estimate May Lead To Problems Later.

A common tactic among less reputable companies is to give a ballpark estimate for a roofing project, often without even doing an inspection first. Like any project, roofing installation in Harrisonburg homes will encounter issues that weren’t anticipated–that’s why it’s important that a thorough roof inspection is done first, and is followed by a thorough estimate. The homeowner shouldn’t feel left in the dark by an estimate, so be sure that the company you’re working with is up-front about your needs and detailed in their proposal.

2. A Messy Worksite May Mean A Messy Roof Installation.

Any kind of construction job requires hard work, and hard work can be messy! Professional roofing companies take care to leave your property in as good of a condition as they found it. They should be collecting debris efficiently and cleaning up after themselves. Some roofing companies just lay out a tarp without running magnets on the ground, so there may be stray debris or nails left in your hard for years to come. A professional roofing company will clean thoroughly which is a good sign that they’re treating your roof with respect too.

3. Visual Defects Can Indicate Larger Problems.

It’s important to keep in mind that only a trained roofer can say for sure what is a problem and what isn’t. However, very obvious visual defects can indicate larger problems. For example, sloppily placed tiles or gutters at strange angles may indicate installation by an inexperienced roofing company. There may be missing tiles or improperly installed drip edges, which can lead to long-term damage for your investment. If you’re unsure whether or not something is an issue, you should get an inspection from a reputable roofing company.

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