Why Metal Roofing?

Maximize Your Investment with Our Metal Roof Buying Guide

Why Metal Roofing?

Expect more from a metal roof. Good value is a metal roof  that maintains its integrity and color. Metal roofs today are lightweight, fire-resistant, and durable, giving you a top-quality look and product. With industry leading warranties, you can expect long-term performance from a metal roof – but where to begin?

Color Choices Reflect Your Home’s Specific Style.

Whether you want a full metal roof or are accenting your home with a metal roof addition to your roofing system, you have a wide array of colors to choose from with a guaranteed finish. Metal roof colors feature a Kynar 500® resin-based paint for a maintenance-free finish that lasts up to 35 years. Standing seam metal roofing adds an elegant charm to your home that makes a statement to suit your style.

Costs Associated with Metal Roof Installation are an Investment in the Future.

The typical cost of metal roofs is around 2x as must as shingle roof. Many local metal roofs were installed 70 years ago and now they’re being replaced. Metal roofs these days have better metal and better installation practices for very long-lasting, high quality metal roofs. Using a certified installer means that you get the best possible installation specific to the roofing product and your warranties are activated, covering you for years to come.

Low-Maintenance Means More Free Time and Less Worry for You!

Get out and enjoy the view from the hammock! With a standing-seam metal roof, you have virtually no maintenance.The new painted metal comes with a 35-year finish warranty for a long lasting peace of mind. Because metal roofs are excellent at reflecting the rays of the sun, homeowners benefit from the added support to their cooling systems, keeping energy costs low.