Protect Your Home From Ice Dams.

Ice dams are the result of heat escaping your home in the winter, melting the snow and ice on your roof and refreezing that water along your roof’s overhang. This might sound like a minor issue, but the safety implications shouldn’t be neglected.

Gutter Cleaning Protects Your Home’s Foundation.

Gutter cleaning is one of the quickest, simplest, and easiest way to preserve the foundation of your home. Clogged gutters can backup the flow of water from your home, leaking down the siding and saturating the support systems of your home.

Safe And Affordable Gutter Cleaning In Stuarts Draft

In time debris can build up in your gutter systems, keeping them from functioning properly and causing costly damage to your home.

Keep Homes Secure With Staunton Gutter Guards

Staunton Gutter Guards Eliminate Debris That Could Block Your Water Flow.

Whether on a Staunton home or business, a properly functioning roof relies on clean and functional gutters. Keeping debris from clogging up your gutters can be a dangerous and messy job that requires attention a few times a year. There’s a better way! Staunton gutter guards offer a solution to eliminate the clog. Cover your gutters for a seamless look from the street. Gutter guards effectively keep unwanted debris from finding a way into the gutters. Check out how well gutter guards blend into a home’s aesthetic in our main-gallery.

Easily Maintain Gutters On Staunton Homes And Businesses.

Spring and fall are prime times for gutter cleaning. This can be a scary event involving ladders, buckets, and balancing while digging out decaying debris and sometimes even small rodents and snakes. We offer a checklist of gutter cleaning solutions for those who enjoy a good do-it-yourself home project and have the desire to maintain their gutters for proper function. For others, roofing repairs or maintenance means a well-placed call to local experts. Valley Roofing & Exteriors offers Staunton safe and thorough gutter cleaning without the fear of getting dirty or hurt.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors Offers Free Estimates For Gutter Guards And All Your Roofing Needs.

Give Valley Roofing & Exteriors a call. We schedule an on-site visit to offer you a free estimate for the services you require. Our team of experts identifies a range of price points for your roofing solution. We are available to answer your questions. We offer four convenient payment options to provide you with choices you can feel good about. Watch or read our testimonials for an idea of what to expect when you work with Valley Roofing & Exteriors for the perfect fit.

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Protect Your Roof With Waynesboro Gutter Guards

Waynesboro Gutter Guards Help Save Your Foundation From Water Damage And Eliminate Ice Dams In Winter Months. Home and business owners know the value of properly functioning roof systems for the long-term health of their buildings. Clean gutters go a long way to properly direct water flow in all seasons. Waynesboro gutter guards do the dirty […]

Proud To Be Your Local Staunton Roofing Experts

We take great pride in serving the Shenandoah Valley’s roofing needs.

Gutter Guards Do The Dirty Work!

3 Ways Gutter Guards Do The Dirty Work To Save You Time and Money

Debris in your gutters is a welcome home for small plants, bugs, and snakes. So for clear gutters you could spend hours up on a ladder twice a year doing really tricky cleaning. Dirty work isn’t the way most people want to spend the weekend!

Gutter guards take care the hard and dirty work of cleaning your gutters.

The top shield keeps unwanted debris and wildlife out while letting water in. When your gutters function properly, your foundation lasts longer and your home is more secure.

  1. Eliminate lengthy spring and fall gutter cleaning. Get your weekend back with functional gutters from the start. With professional installation, your fall gutter cleaning is as easy as a phone call. We provide free estimates and quick installation. Your gutter guards save the day!
  2. Clogged gutters create costly foundation problems. Keep your home in pristine condition, protecting your investment and enjoying the benefits of functional gutters. Gutter guards eliminate clogged gutters!
  3. A customized gutter guard solution takes the unique elements of your home into consideration. Tree placement and roof elements factor into finding the right gutter guard products for you home. Take no chances with certified professional installation and warranties. Gutter guard installation is easy with local experts.

Call for a free on-site estimate for gutter guards today and save yourself the hassle of clogging leaves this fall.

We offer four payment options for roofing solutions that fit your budget.

Top 3 Gutter Cleaning Solutions For Safe DIY Chores!

Clean Gutters Support Optimal Function Of Your Foundation And Roof.

Properly functioning gutters keep rain flowing right where you want it and not where you don’t! We can help with gutter cleaning if you would like us to take care of it for you. However, if you are looking to get in there and clean them yourself, here are Valley Roofing & Exteriors’s Top 3 Gutter Cleaning Solutions to help you out.

Safety First!

Before you begin to clean your gutters, put safety first with a little preparation. First things first: Is your ladder functioning properly? Do you have work gloves to protect your hands? Do you have a bucket in which to put the debris you find? Are you working with a buddy to ensure your safety from the ground? Is the light right to see what you need to see? Are trees trimmed back from your home to give you easy access to the perimeter of your roof? Take precautions to operate securely and stay safe so you can clean your gutters and then sit back and enjoy your work!

Top 3 Gutter Cleaning Solutions Keep Your Water Flowing. 

  1. Clear out visible debris. Getting up where you can see into your gutters  can bring you face to face with the muck that causes clogs. Byharrisonburg gutters installation cleaning out the debris, you minimize water dams that run off and affect your foundation.
  2. Wash out your gutters with the garden hose. Running clean water through your gutters when it’s not pouring rain gives you a chance to see if thereare any leaks or cracks, clogs or hidden debris that may keep your gutter system from working well.
  3. Check the integrity of your gutter guards. Make sure your gutter guards are in tact and winter weather or seasonal storms haven’t damaged them. If you do have gutter guards, they take care of our first two tips for you!


Solutions to Ice Dams: From Prevention To Recovery

Combat Ice Dams! Address Roof Leaks And Thin Insulation Before Winter Weather Strikes.

When you are planning for your home’s winter readiness, check your roof from the inside looking for cracks, gaps, and joints. Seal all gaps and check for air and water leakage. When your insulation is thin, bringing it up to the latest code can make a tremendous difference in the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. The less heat emitted through the attic to the snow and ice on the roof, the less your chances of developing ice dams that can cause real damage to your roof.

Final Ice Dam Prevention Solutions Include Improving Ventilation And Installing a Waterproof Membrane.

Once your attic is air insulated, then improving ventilation makes a difference. The goal is to keep the air properly flowing through the home and minimizing inefficiency and heat loss through the roof. Think of it like walking in cold weather without the right hat to keep your body heat regulated. Installing a waterproof membrane is typically done when installing a new roof and can be a costly solution. Once you are at the point where you roof needs a waterproof membrane, you likely need a new roof. The waterproof layer minimizes leaks and maximizes the life of your roof.

When You’ve Got Ice Dams And Need Recovery, Handle It Layer By Layer.

The first step is knocking off excess snow to get to the ice dam. Whenever you are doing any work on your roof, be sure to take extensive safety precautions. This is especially critical in suboptimal weather conditions. Chiseling away the ice dam also requires attentive care, so as not to do any further damage to the roof. Once the ice dam is removed, salt or other chemical melting agents may be applied to halt the problem until the weather clears enough to solve the root problem.

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The Anatomy of Ice Dams

It All Starts When Winter Precipitation Lands On The dams

What causes an ice dam? Your roof has heat from inside the attic warming the exterior and the sun is emitting heat from the outside on the snow. This heat causes snow and ice to melt along the roof, running toward the gutters. Water runs out to the eaves, where the temperature naturally is cooler as the eaves hang out over the edge of the house, allowing for cold air on all sides. Winter temperatures often drop during the night, adding to the potential for ice along the eaves, also called ice dams.

Ice Dams Stop The Natural Flow Of Moisture Off The Roof.

The build up of ice along your roof keeps snowmelt and other moisture from leaving the roof along the proper channels. If you have a weak spot or leak on your roof or among your shingles, the melting snow may hit against the ice dams to back up into your roof or attic, causing water damage. Don’t underestimate the power of water at finding the tiny crevices and cracks on you roof that mean big problems over time or one heavy snow. Ice dams are symptomatic of potentially bigger problems.

 Know What To Look For After Winter Weather.

Once ice has begun to form along the roof, you may see icicles or heavy ice and snow build up along the edge of the roof. Stand back from the house and get a look at the roof, noticing where the problem areas are. You may have snow guards to keep the winter precipitation from falling on your landscaping. Looking at differences in how the roof looks and if you have ice dams may give you further insight into what is working and places that might need some attention.

Record Winter Precipitation Build Up For A Targeted Solution.

Take pictures of the build up along the exterior of your home, giving you a guide for where to target your efforts to eliminate ice dams. Read more about the solutions to ice dams.