Sun Tunnel Skylights shine bright.

Maximize natural light with a Sun Tunnel Skylight. When you are thinking of ways to bring natural light into your home, consider that you don’t need an exterior roof directly visible to enjoy skylight technology. Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights bring light easily and affordably through any attic obstructions or long shaft runs to illuminate your […]

“Fresh Air” Skylights vitalize your interior spaces.

Ready to brighten up a dark room or passage in your home? Consider a Velux Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight. Not only do these skylights open and close to let in outside air, but they use sunlight to recharge a highly efficient battery powered operator and control system. Complete with screens and optional remote programmable […]

Verona UMC Roofing Project

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Harrisonburg Skylight Installer

Energy efficient skylights -let the sunshine in!

Every home has a windowless laundry room, hallway or bathroom, and overhead lighting is the standard lighting solution for these areas. If you’re tired of dim lighting, consider installing an energy-efficient skylight and enjoy bright, natural, free sunlight. You’ll be amazed at the cheerful boost natural light will bring to these areas of your home. […]

3 Tips – Choosing the Right Shingle Roofing Materials for Your Home

You have several options to consider when it’s time to invest in a new roof. In order to make your decision process easier, we’ve come up with three tips to guide you. 1.      Assess your Home’s Street Appeal Did you know that about 40% of your home’s visual appeal comes from your roof? How your […]

Springtime Gutter Inspection – A Checklist!

Have you noticed your gutters lately?  Are they doing their job? Spring is a great time to check out your home’s gutters, and repair or replace gutters that are sagging or inadequate. Here’s a checklist you can use to determine the effectiveness of your home’s gutters. 1.      Clogged Gutters? Every year, leaves and tree branches […]

How to choose the best Harrisonburg roofing contractor: 5 key qualities!

So you’ve made the big decision to replace your roof. Now for the next two big decisions – who will do the work, and what kind of roofing will you choose. For this post, we’ll talk about five key qualities of a good roofing contractor. 1.      Inspections Ask each contractor you talk with if they […]